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Optimal Performance and Health for Elite Athletes, Executives and Leaders

HP works exclusively with driven individuals to help them perform at the highest level in the most competitive and demanding environments. HP delivers proactive and personalised nutrition coaching using preventative nutritional therapy, and bio chemical testing and diagnostics.

HP delivers proactive and personalised nutrition coaching using preventative nutritional therapy and bio chemical testing. HP’s approach inspires individuals to operate at their highest level by first assessing the status quo and then setting goals to drive optimal performance. Our research-based 5-step Performance Formula, is executed at some of the World’s leading purpose built facilities:

Take a full health history and assessments including medical and lifestyle, fitness test, body composition, diet diary and bio-feedback analysis and provide an additional medical examination if required.

Comprehensive testing using an integrated System Biology/Functional Medicine approach covering inflammation, Detoxification, Cardiovascular, Hormones, Structure and function, Mind and Digestive Health.

HP Specialist data analysis of all data through propietary software to provide a comprehensive health report to identify a full functional health snapshot and any biochemical imbalances, patterns and risks.

Goal setting areas to improve on, along with a 12 month roadmap of how to achieve these goals covering all aspets of health and assigning experts where relevant.

Activation of the roadmap with HP specialist. Monthly meetings to monitor progress and tweak programme, 3 month repeat assessments and final assessments at 12 months. Progress is measured and next steps identified.

The HP approach follows a unique, science-based health and performance formula which integrates the disciplines of functional medicine, medicine, nutritional science, nutritional therapy and functional sports nutrition.

Helene’s delivery of personalised nutrition is based on the following 5 principles which are integrated into every client’s strategy:








Body Composition


Overall Health

Slide “Helene is a very accomplished nutritionist who is able to get to the bottom of performance issues and impart her knowledge in a very succinct and simple way.” – Andrew J Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, Whiterock Capital Slide “Helene has taught me how important nutrition is to my racing performance. She has carried out a wide range of scientific tests and equipped me with a comprehensive nutrition strategy to optimise my overall performance and long-term health. I am a great advocate of her personalised and functional approach to sports nutrition.” – Andrew J Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, Whiterock Capital Slide “Helene’s approach to nutrition makes a lot of sense. She does a great job in educating people that health is central to achieving any performance goal. I am particularly keen on her approach to Personalised Nutrition which is a growing aspect of performance in all progressive sports teams today.” – James Haskell, England Rugby Player Slide “Maintaining the highest levels of concentration whilst remaining alert and focused are vital parts of my job. Helene has helped me to select the right foods and supplements to suit both my professional requirements and lifestyle needs.” – Red Arrows Fighter Pilot Slide “Since July 2012, Helene has provided our team with a professional, confidential and highly personalised nutrition service. Her extensive research in Human Performance and Personalised Nutrition combined with her passion for health, is equipping our drivers with the education and motivation to enhance their performance goals.” – Formula 1 Team, Human Performance Manager

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