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About Helene

Helene Patounas Nutrition is a specialist health and nutrition company based in London and founded by Helene Patounas. HP Nutrition specialises in optimising the performance of Formula 1 racing drivers and other driven individuals who operate in the most demanding and high profile environments.

Helene entered the world of nutrition and health in 2005 with a mission to positively transform the lives of people through Personalised Nutrition. Personalised Nutrition is a specialist discipline in which the bio-individual needs of each client are investigated, and bespoke nutrition and supplementation plans created in order to optimise performance. HP Nutrition’s clients include Formula 1 racing drivers, elite athletes and senior executives.

Helene is the Director of HP Nutrition, the Head of Nutrition at Hintsa Performance in Geneva, and is the Lead Nutritionist at the McLaren Performance Academy. Helene is trained in Functional Medicine and holds a Masters degree in Personalised Nutrition, and a first class degree in Nutritional Therapy. She is also a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Helene was awarded a distinction for her pioneering piece of research: ‘Optimising Human Performance through Personalised Nutrition’. (can link to abstract).

Slide “Helene is a very accomplished nutritionist who is able to get to the bottom of performance issues and impart her knowledge in a very succinct and simple way.” – Andrew J Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, Whiterock Capital Slide “Helene has taught me how important nutrition is to my racing performance. She has carried out a wide range of scientific tests and equipped me with a comprehensive nutrition strategy to optimise my overall performance and long-term health. I am a great advocate of her personalised and functional approach to sports nutrition.” – Andrew J Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, Whiterock Capital Slide “Helene’s approach to nutrition makes a lot of sense. She does a great job in educating people that health is central to achieving any performance goal. I am particularly keen on her approach to Personalised Nutrition which is a growing aspect of performance in all progressive sports teams today.” – James Haskell, England Rugby Player Slide “Maintaining the highest levels of concentration whilst remaining alert and focused are vital parts of my job. Helene has helped me to select the right foods and supplements to suit both my professional requirements and lifestyle needs.” – Red Arrows Fighter Pilot Slide “Since July 2012, Helene has provided our team with a professional, confidential and highly personalised nutrition service. Her extensive research in Human Performance and Personalised Nutrition combined with her passion for health, is equipping our drivers with the education and motivation to enhance their performance goals.” – Formula 1 Team, Human Performance Manager

Helene Patounas is backed by

HINTSA Performance is a multi-national human performance company with operations in Switzerland, Finland, Australia, and the UK.

HINTSA’s human performance philosophy is based on the application of modern evidence based medicine and science in providing a strong foundation of health and wellbeing, and optimal performance.

Founded by Dr Aki Hintsa, HINTSA Performance is best known for its work with Olympic athletes and Formula 1 drivers. HINTSA clients have won over 100 medals at Olympic and World Championship competitions, and seven F1 World Championships.

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