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Latest Nutritional Thinking to enhance business, sport and life

Applying nutritional science to support people to become their most healthy and highest performing selves.

HP Nutrition works exclusively with driven individuals and teams to empower them to improve their health and performance through nutrition.

We deliver personalised nutrition programs using the latest nutritional thinking and science. Our approach is unique; we integrate the disciplines of Nutritional Science, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Sports Nutrition. Our clients undergo a comprehensive range of nutrition, biochemical and DNA tests, as well as in-depth consultations. The insights from the tests and consultations help us develop a sustainable, personalised nutrition strategy for each client.

We have designed a cutting edge testing program, and a comprehensive analysis and consultation process. We have helped clients operating in the most demanding and competitive arenas including F1 drivers and teams, corporate CEOs, fast jet pilots and World Champion athletes.

The HP Nutrition Philosophy

Our science based Performance Formula equips individuals with the strategy and skills to sustain health and performance outcomes for life

Being the best you can is simply a choice

With the right programme, delivery and nurture, we believe that anyone can achieve their health and performance potential.

One size definitely does not fit all

Every person is biochemically different. We use world class techniques and a personal service to equip you with a health and performance plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Prevention is much better than cure

Scientific testing is used to identify any health imbalances early on. These functional insights facilitate performance gains, career longevity and long term disease prevention.

A multi-disciplinary approach is essential

We can either work alongside your current support team or tap into our global network of trusted experts to support your core areas of health, from doctors to physiotherapists.

HP Nutrition Services


HP Nutrition works with some of the world’s leading motor racing teams and drivers. Our approach follows a unique science based health and performance formula which integrates the disciplines of Functional Medicine, Nutritional Science, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Nutrition.

We collaborate with leading scientific healthcare and human high performance institutions.

Health & Performance

HP Nutrition works exclusively with driven individuals to empower them to improve their health and performance through nutrition. Whether you’re a CEO or a working parent who wants to have more energy for life, our unique programs can empower you to operate at your highest level.


Our Corporate programs are aimed at forward thinking businesses who want to empower their employees to get the most out of their careers and lives. We work with corporate team members in workshops and 1-on-1, in order to enhance their productivity, well-being and performance.

Some of our clients

“Helene is a very accomplished nutritionist who is able to get to the bottom of performance issues and impart her knowledge in a very succinct and simple way.”


– Andrew J Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, Whiterock Capital

“Helene has taught me how important nutrition is to my racing performance. She has carried out a wide range of scientific tests and equipped me with a comprehensive nutrition strategy to optimise my overall performance and long-term health. I am a great advocate of her personalised and functional approach to sports nutrition.”


– Oliver Turvey, F1 Test Driver, Le Mans GP2

“Helene’s approach to nutrition makes a lot of sense. She does a great job in educating people that health is central to achieving any performance goal. I am particularly keen on her approach to Personalised Nutrition which is a growing aspect of performance in all progressive sports teams today.”


– James Haskell, England Rugby Player

“Maintaining the highest levels of concentration whilst remaining alert and focused are vital parts of my job. Helene has helped me to select the right foods and supplements to suit both my professional requirements and lifestyle needs.”


– Red Arrows Fighter Pilot

“Since July 2012, Helene has provided our team with a professional, confidential and highly personalised nutrition service. Her extensive research in Human Performance and Personalised Nutrition combined with her passion for health, is equipping our drivers with the education and motivation to enhance their performance goals.”


– Formula 1 Team, Human Performance Manager