Helene Patounas – Founder, and Director of Nutrition

Helene Patounas, MSc, BSc, is a nutritionist passionate about health and performance. Her mission is to inspire people to make positive change to be the best version of themselves. Her approach to nutrition is science-based, integrating the disciplines of Personalised Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.

Helene entered the world of nutrition in 2005 in a bid to address health issues of her own. Having experienced the power of nutrition first hand, she wanted to share this with others and positively transform the lives of people through Personalised Nutrition. Personalised Nutrition is a specialist discipline in which the bio-individual needs of each client are investigated, and bespoke nutrition and supplement plans created in order to optimise performance. Helene works with Formula 1 racing drivers, elite athletes, senior executives and high profile individuals.

As well as a Director of HP Nutrition, Helene is a Clinical and Performance Nutritionist at Hintsa Performance in Geneva and a member of Hintsa’s science team. She is also the Performance Nutritionist at the McLaren Performance Academy. She holds a Masters degree in Personalised Nutrition, and a first class degree in Nutritional Therapy and is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Helene was awarded a distinction for her pioneering piece of research: ‘Optimising Human Performance through Personalised Nutrition’ which she carried out in association with a Formula 1 Team.

Helene is responsible for designing our nutrition programs and managing our team of nutritionists, personally signing off on every HPN nutrition program

Barry Trout – Chief Executive Officer

Barry started his corporate career at Union Bank of Switzerland where he ran all Yen bond trading outside Japan. As a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and independently, Barry advised a diverse range of clients including investment banks, media firms, private equity firms and a Formula One motor racing team. Barry was the CEO of a leading global recruitment and technology group, and holds Board positions in the technology and not-for-profit sectors.

Barry holds a degree in Economics from the University of Durham, and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Our High Performance Nutrition Team

We select the best and most qualified nutritionists to work at HP Nutrition. All of our High Performance Nutrition Specialists have at least a 3-year degree and/or a Masters degree in Nutritional Therapy. Our High Performance Nutrition Specialists also have deep clinical experience. We select our High Performance Nutrition Specialists not only on the basis of their qualifications and professional experience, but also on their ability to interact with clients.

We’ve designed our programs to provide our clients with access to the very best nutrition thinking. Our advice and tools should enable you to significantly improve your health, performance and enjoyment of life

Features of HPN Programs

  • Our High Performance Nutrition Specialists custom-design your program around your specific goals, current lifestyle and biochemistry

  • All of our High Performance Nutrition Specialists have a 3-year specialist degree and/or a Masters degree in Nutritional Therapy as a minimum
  • All of our programs involve one on one skype consultations with our coaches

  • We use the world’s leading laboratory testing facilities

  • We have built our reputation on dealing with leading sports people, including World Champion athletes, Formula 1 racing drivers, and VIPs
  • Our programs are aimed at both educating our clients around how to eat, and changing their behaviours so that the changes they make are sustainable
  • Each HPN program uses 2 fully qualified nutritionists to analyse your data and information; your personal High Performance Nutrition Specialist (the Lead Nutritionist), and a Support Nutritionist

How this benefits you

  • Your nutrition plan is tailored to your actual physiological and biochemical requirements, and is not a generic or popular ‘diet’
  • You will be dealing with highly qualified and experienced professionals only

  • You’ll be able to discuss your health and performance program at a time to fit your busy schedule, and in the comfort of your own home or office
  • We gain deep insights into your biochemical needs. This enables us to determine how you can adjust your lifestyle to achieve your goals
  • We know how to enable you to have more energy, to overcome health issues, and to perform at a higher level more consistently
  • Our aim is to expose you to new habits which should ultimately enable you to live a longer,  healthier and more enjoyable life
  • Our Support Nutritionists challenge the Lead Nutritionist, and facilitate discussion to enable us to fine-tune your personalised nutrition strategy
HP Nutrition dedicates time and a percentage of profits each year to projects which support those in need
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Professional Memberships
  • Royal Society of Medicine Accredited
  • BANT Accredited